Play for fun or Real Money

As if poker is not an exciting game in itself, there are variations that add a little spice and interest to the mix. Why lose your shirt financially when you can literally lose your shirt…or your pants…or your underwear? Betting your clothes in addition to or instead of money turns this board game into a great party game. Players can decide if everyone starts with the same number of items of clothing, or if the rules are a little different for men than women. Players may also decide to assign more value to one article of clothing than another, say an article of underwear counts more than a sock or an article of outer clothing. The strategy for poker may also differ a little when the removal of clothing is involved. When money is on the line, then it may be in a player’s best interest to fold and cut his or her losses. When clothes are on the line, then it may be better to risk competing with the bad hand instead of folding, since an article of clothing is automatically lost when a player folds.